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Honk the horn. Call the Police.

EPIC URT WOMP COMP! So many photos to choose from. This is literally the finals of the bodysurfing competition. Weird…

You can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of things that went down in a 24 hour period. First off, thank you Dougie Mann and URT Clothing ( for putting on such an epic competition. There were a lot of super stoked kids and a lot of adults acting like kids. So that’s good…

Bodysurfing competitions rarely get waves, so we decided to create more of a circus atmosphere. I guarantee you nobody has every seen a bodysurfing competition like this one. Water balloon launchers, confetti cannons, blow up dragons, a surf island, beach flags, unicorns, you fucking name it!!! 

Mark your calendars for next year, because this is a bodysurfing event to attend!

We also, surprisingly, had enough energy to take over the Wave House for about 5 hours. But that is a different blog post…

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